Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


 Second Tuesday of Each Month

  7:00 P.M.

7125 South Air Depot Boulevard, Oklahoma City

 Bobby Riley, Vice Chairman


UAW Local 1999 Union Hall

On the long road to GM's bankruptcy brought on by the myopic administration of GM by it's feckless board of directors and inept management there were many errors made, mis-steps taken. One of those mis-steps was the closing of the Oklahoma City GM assembly plant. The workers in that plant, represented by UAW Local 1999, were among the most productive and highly educated in the General Motors system and in North America. For 27 years this workforce produced a myriad of different products, handled a very complex build schedule and produced industry leading quality and profits. With the demise of the plant has come the demise of the Local representing those talented workers.

Out of UAW Local 1999 has come the UAW Local 1999 Retiree Chapter. Composed of the men and women who worked in the plant this chapter remains committed to the core goals of the UAW. These include working for the dignity of all workers and the pushing forward on a progressive political agenda. The members of UAW Local 1999 Retiree Chapter appreciate what collective action gained for them in negotiations and political action. They seek to continue to further those gains not only for themselves but for the community of working people in general.


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